Add Mortgage Calculators to Your Web Site

Financial calculations could be a tricky task. Our mortgage calculators make it easy!

Place our mortgage calculators to your site and give your visitors an ability to perform financial calculations without leaving your site! Add value to your web site and give your visitors reason to come back.

Moreover, our new and UNIQUE feature - PDF forms, allows your customers to print results of the calculations with your contacts printed in the header, so, they will remember your company even when they are offline, thus increasing probability of the contract!

Another bold feature - send calculation results via e-mail let you gather potential prospects' contacts and send your promotional materials along with the requested results. This feature making every mortgage calculator very nice lead generation tool.

Are you outside of U.S. ?

Internationalized version of our mortgage calculators solution is very flexible and ready to be used in almost any country of the world. There are 12 calculators without US-related terms (like PMI, tax benefits etc) and they all have the same great features as US-oriented package.

No more recurring or traffic based fees!

Still using expensive online services? Tired of monthly bills that come from them? Just place our maintenance free calculators set to your web site and forget about these fees! And that not the only benefit - your visitors will never leave your site to do a financial math!

Configure the calculators for your market

Whether you are brokering loans or selling homes for 100,000 or 10,000,000 - you can easily configure calculators to match your market. Customize your currency symbol and number formatting delimiters, so, they will match with your country culture!

Comprehensive set of mortgage calculators

We have two branches of the package: PHP mortgage calculators (version 3.2) and ASP.Net calculators collection (version 1.2) and here is the sample list of calculators from the PHP branch. Here is a short list of mortgage calculators - feel free to play a little with them !

Simple Payment Calculator
Mortgage Principal Calculator
Mortgage Length Calculator
Affordability Calculator
Tax Benefits Calculator
Should I Refinance ?
Should I Pay Points ?
Interest Only Calculator ?
Should I use HELOC ?
How Much Income To Qualify ?
What to get - 80/15 or PMI ?
Canadian Mortgage Calculator
Which Loan Is Better ?
Standard vs Bi-Weekly